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Cristo de la Concordia, Cochabamba city.

Morochata, Quillacollo, Tunari National Park, Chapare, Inkachaka, Isiboro-Securé Park, Tarata, Punata, all these names may not sound familiar to you yet, but visiting some of these places will add something special to your visit to Cochabamba in Bolivia's center. The tropical forest, Angostura Lagoon and the thermal water resorts are some of the chief attractions.

The 'Cristo de la Concordia' lookout, on San Pedro Hill, offers a sweeping view over the city of Cochabamba, including the '14 de Septiembre' Square and the Cathedral, Portales Palace, la Recoleta, La Cancha Market and the Archeology Museum.

The region of Punata details many examples of colonial architecture: a Main Square surrounded by opulent mansions, today transformed into public institutions. Tunari and Isiboro-Securé Parks endow the region with their natural charms. Inkachaca will amaze you with its beautiful waterfalls and Morochaza features big lakes for excellent trout fishing.

The itinerary across the region ends on the trails leading to the pre-Columbian ruins at Tablas, Inkallajta, Durazno, Pocona del Choro, El Walta, las Tres Tetillas and Komerkocha. To fully relax and get rid of the dust accumulated along so many adventures, make sure to enjoy the thermal water resorts located on the slopes of Tunari Mountain Range.

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