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The pilgrimage to the Virgin of Chaguaya

It is traditional in the city of Tarija to receive drinking invitations when crowds gather. 'My treat', a local will say making eye contact and reaching out for a glass; turning it down would be rather impolite, so take a sip of sweet wine and keep the round going, treating somebody else in the group. This is how things go in this town of traditional and outgoing people, owners of a fertile and happy piece of land.

Tarija's namesake district is Bolivia's southernmost region, which borders with Argentina and Paraguay. Its territory is carpeted by beautiful temperate valleys full of fruit trees and vineyards. The pilgrimage to the Virgin of Chaguaya (on August 15th) is by far one of the most popular because of the wide display of traditional games. In San Lorenzo district, you may visit the house-museum of 'Moto' Méndez, a Bolivian hero. La Represa de San Jacinto, Rincón de la Victoria and Tomatas offer wonderful natural scenery. The capital is home to the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Cabildo, the old mill, Bolívar Park, the Blue Castle, John Paul II lookout and the markets.

The district of Beni lies further from Tarija, on the country's northern end. It is all sheer nature: lush vegetation, caimans, pumas, egrets, deer, monkeys, anteaters and colorful birds. Bear these places in mind: Suárez Lagoon, a man-made lake built by the Paititianian civilization; Chuchini, full of lakes and rivers; Cachuela Esperanza, on the shores of the Beni River and the resorts at Tapacaré and Paraíso.

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Canon of la Angostura, Tarija
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