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Villa Gesell is a land of contrasts, bringing together the rumbling of clubs, the tranquility of the residential neighborhoods, the silence of the dunes created by the wind over the centuries along the seashore and "Pinar del Norte" Cultural and Forests Reserve.                         

Its picturesque geography combines pine, acacias, eucalyptus, tamarinds forests with sand and sea, a wonderful trekking area along the forests trails.                         

Villa Gesell offers a highly enjoyable nightlife, since it is considered one of the best places for beach parties and amazing bars. It also counts on several hotels and homestays, plus comfortable camping sites. Renting a four-wheeled bike is one of the best ways to explore the 10 km of beaches and virgin lines of dunes to the city´s northern sector. Horse riding appears as another good choice.                      

Cultural activities express themselves in some events, such as the Summer Corals´ Meeting at de Don Carlos Gesell´s Chalet, its founder and sponsor, plus the Argentine Movie Festivals.       

Villa Gesell Sites & Attractions

Visit "Querandí" Lighthouse

Mar Azul, the newest of the resorts in the area, lies 7 km away from Villa Gesell. It counts on a small shopping mall and an interesting trip to "Querandí" Lighthouse can be organized from here. The lighthouse rises 30 km from the city, amid a dense pine and acacia forest, surrounded by the peacefulness of completely different scenery which conjugates ocean, dunes and seagulls. This is one of the few spots around the planet where the dunes have remained the same over the centuries, unaffected by the hand of man. The lighthouse is surrounded by 4-ha forest, turning the spot into an oasis in the middle of the dessert. It owes its name to the former local indigenous population and stands for "greased-covered people", for rumor has it that they were heavy meat-eaters and used animal´s fat as an ointment for their bodies to protect it against the cold. The lighthouse opens every day from 8am-6pm.

Cruising the dunes in a 4-wheel-drive is by far the best and most exciting way to explore this area. Mar de las Pampas is an idyllic spot of quiet beaches and lush forests just 1 Km away. In the afternoon, the tea houses make for the perfect break to taste the local home-made pastry.                           

There are plenty of options for excursions in this resort. Shops and stalls selling an array of local produce, largely clothing and crafts, line "Avenida 3" (3rd Ave.). The stretch in between Buenos Aires Ave and "Paseo 109" becomes a pedestrian area in summertime after 6pm.                            

The woods, characterized by a rolling topography, carpeted by pine trees, vines and acacias, are the ideal place to undertake long walks. The scenery blends dunes and vegetation in a rather peculiar landscape.                           

Fishing fans may go down to the pier, flanked by a rocky outcrop that penetrates 150 m into the sea; either using good or average fishing tackle, catch is always guaranteed, especially in summertime when bigger species swim by.

A walk around the "Barrio Norte" for a closer look at its red-brick and wooden tiled-roofed houses, a visit to "Pinar del Norte" Cultural Park, a 14-ha natural reserve which constitutes the area´s oldest section, the Golf Club at Carlos Gesell´s residence, nestled amid giant trees and aromatic pine groves, the Municipal History Museum and Archive, housed in Carlos Gesell´s first home which offers 90-minute guided visits (9am-1pm / 4pm-7pm), present themselves as other options to do from the resort.

The Atlantic Coast in Buenos Aires Province can easily fill your day and night with offers and attractions for the benefit of the full enjoyment of every visitor´s holidays.   


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