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The southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, serves as the capital for Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire). It is an active tourist destination throughout the year and a great place to come into close contact with nature. It is located on the Beagle Canal, one of the big attractions in itself. There are several available boat tours on the canal to explore the surroundings. 

The city's downtown hosts many cultural options, such as visiting museums to get to know the history of these far-off lands. There is also a well-supplied shopping mall and nightlife is very vibrant and diverse.

The End of the World Museum, found on 173 Maipú Avenue, it is the best opportunity to plunge into the area's history: from the very start of aboriginal life and the history of wreckages from all the adventures who dared come close to these lands. The exhibits are distributed in 5 rooms, showing the history and culture of the first inhabitants, the typical markets of the 20th century and the former prisoners' way of life. It is open from 9 am to 8 pm during high season and from noon to 7 pm in low season.  

Nature invites various sporting activities: 4 km away from the city, the Martial Glacier hosts amazing skiing and snowboarding facilities in wintertime and pleasant walks and biking in summer months. Ushuaia is one of the chief touristic attractions in Argentina and it constitutes the country's main fresh water reserve. 

The skiing resort throbs with amazing life during the winter months. The facilities are properly conditioned for Alpine skiing, snowboarding, walking, trekking and ice climbing. The Beagle Canal, Ambarino and Hoste Islands can be spotted from the glacier's summit.

Fagnano Lake is a majestic water mirror, 100 km long and 6 km wide, shared by Argentina and Chile. Nature here offers the opportunity for bird-watching and sports- fishing for varieties like the rainbow trout. Local food is served in a little restaurant on the lake's shore, plus there is a camping area and stylish cabins for accommodation. The lake´s water flows southwards down to the Magellan's Strait. The Beagle's Canal features a diverse landscape, made of islets, bays and inhabited by many bird species.

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