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The city of Tigre lies 32 km north of Buenos Aires, an area washed by the waters of the Paraná River, dotted with beautiful islets, boats, and a rich variety of flora and fauna. This peculiar and charming area offers the opportunity to view the many different vessels which feature in the countless rivers and creeks around the Paraná River basin. Many impressive mansions can be spotted along these trips, once the venue for the local aristocratic gatherings.

Classic islet construction dominates the area, these dwellings rest on wooden pillars some meters from the earth in order to prevent them from flooding. They are all surrounded by a dense and lush vegetation of kapok trees, reeds, willows, eucalyptus, ferns and poplars that mix with some of the water species that weave large floating islets, while azaleas, daisies and lilies endow the scenery with bright colors. While on your exploration, it is possible to come across some animal species and birds like the white egrets that live in harmony with the swamp dears, a typical local species.

There are many ways to reach Tigre from Buenos Aires: driving on General Paz Ave. and then on the Pan-American Route, most popularly known as the Sun´s Freeway, up the Northern Pass (Tigre Road network), is the quickest and best way to get there. Going by train, "Mitre" Railways offers the quickest service via a link between the stations at Retiro and Tigre. By bus, Line 60 from Constitución to Tigre is the most recommended. An interesting and exciting way to travel to Tigre is taking the Tren de la Costa (Coast Train), which starts at Retiro´s Station and ends at Delta Station in Tigre.

Tigre's Sites & Attractions

Travel Tigre

Puerto de Frutos (The Fruit Port) is surely a place to go and watch the dynamic trading. This was originally a spot for the commercialization of all the produce around the river basin area. At present, it is possible to shop for plants, fruits, crafts made out of straw and wicker, cheeses, sausages and home-made sweets.

Tigre´s Fluvial Station makes for another attractive place to look around, located at 305 Mitre Ave., this is a meeting point for motorboats and catamarans. Many of them serve as regular transport lines and others take people on chartered tours, either of them can be options to consider when visiting this area. There is also the possibility to hire a taxi-boat, but at a higher cost. However, this last option is ideal for short rides for groups of 4 to 6 people. It offers the opportunity to access a number of the islets along the river shores, such as the Sarmiento, San Antonio, Luján and Paraná de las Palmas, just to name a few. Water sports and fishing are available in all of these places.

Take some time to watch the sunset over the islets, adorned with picturesque mansions, hostels, pubs and restaurants in which to enjoy a pleasant stay for a few days. There are also boat rides to have diner sailing under the moonshine.

El Tropezón on the Paraná de las Palmas River, an hour and a half from Fluvial Station makes for a great place to visit. This is a resort built back in 1928 in the style of the area´s typical construction. At the same spot, "Río Hotel Laura" is another beautiful building from 1907, surrounded by a protective green park. It features a pool, comfortable rooms, a bar and a good restaurant, plus several bungalows to spend your days in quiet ambiance.

Gato Blanco on the Capitán River is a highly recommended restaurant, specialized in international cuisine, grilled food and exquisite home-made pastry. Amazing scenery of forest-carpeted islets has to be traversed in order to reach the restaurant. There are plenty of piers to moor and drinking spots.

Other places worthy of a visit here are: the Nation´s Naval Museum and the Museum at Sarmiento, standing on the Sarmiento River 35 minutes boat ride.

The "Center for Tour Guides at Tigre and Delta" could be useful to inquire about guided tours or a guide service for groups. This office lies at 1380 Italia Street in the city of Tigre. Tel.: 4542-4510 / 4731-4682 / 4749-0543.

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