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San Ignacio Ruins Travel Information

San Ignacio Ruins, Argentina

The township of San Ignacio lies 56 km south of Posadas, capital of Misiones Province. It harbors several ruins from the former Jesuit Missions established in the Guarani aboriginal region around the year 1610, many of them now practically engulfed by the jungle.

San Ignacio Miní is by far the most impressive, meaning "small" in Guarani tongue. The site was home to three thousand inhabitants around the middle of the 18th century. Intensive labor and cultural projects were carried out in these missions until the Jesuits were expelled from Río de la Plata in 1768 and the missions ended abandoned. This is a charming area due to its peaceful and mystic surroundings.

The majestic local flora complements the Jesuit Ruins. We would also recommend the visit to the 78 ha Provincial Park named "Peñón del Teyú Cuaré", created for the protection of a bizarre rocky outcrop that endows the landscape with a distinct picturesque touch.

The town of San Ignacio has excellent accommodating infrastructure, including beautiful hotels, restaurants and nightlife.

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