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Travel to Argentina´s Interior or deep Argentina

Rural Tourism is linked to Argentina´s Interior or deep Argentina; places where life revolves around land, agriculture and cattle; areas of large land extensions, of gauchos, settlers of the Pampa and the fields, the protectors of traditional Argentina. Rural Tourism allows for a real experience of Argentina´s rural traditions.

Take your time to get to know the hospitality of country people, their daily life, the handling of the animals and everything they do to obtain their supplies from nature itself. It is all in all, a pleasant rendezvous with earth. Planting, harvesting, milking the cows, kneading the bread and branding are some of the most common rural jobs along the extensive Argentine territory.

Rural establishments are categorized by their size and characteristics: ranches, haciendas, fields and farms.
Some 500 of these establishments exist in Argentina devoted to rural tourism. The main houses in some of them are beautiful mansions built in French, Italian, colonial or English architecture, not to mention their comfort and luxurious accessories.

Leather and silver always constituted the chief raw materials and can be found in practically every daily-life utensil. It is possible to admire the work of the skillful artisans who turn leather and silver into so many useful and beautiful tools, plus the opportunity to buy their products as souvenirs of your stay.

The houses, normally noisy in the early hours are quiet during siesta time, and make perfect places for walks and horse rides to explore the surroundings.

These places also offer the best meat, tasty grilled steaks and other exquisite local dishes like "locro" and pies. Visitors are able to take part in the activities, such as taming, cattle herding, milking and sheep shearing, plus exciting riding competitions, polo and "pato" matches, the national sport; all of this coupled with cooking under the moon, accompanied by guitar ballads.

San Antonio de Areco is among the top choices in this respect, a city located to the northwest of Buenos Aires Province, 113 km from the Federal Capital, also an example of a traditionalist and gaucho-style living. The countryside spirit vibrates in every corner here. You will find yourself amid the endless lands only explored by gauchos and wild horses. Dazzling countryside scenery, good accommodation, excellent shops, bars, rural activities, and museums to extol in the local culture are some of the options that San Antonio de Areco has to offer.  Another recommendation is to visits the "Ricardo Güiraldes" Gaucho Museum.

Rural Tourism will guaranty deep relaxation and rest, new experiences and your holiday will turn you into a fountain of knowledge about the Argentine countryside.

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