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Mendoza Travel Information

Mendoza Travel Information

Mendoza is a land of sun, vineyards, wide rivers and high mountains. It is an extremely arid region where man has diverted rivers to build irrigation canals, thus transforming it into a prosperous area. Large vineyards sprung up which gave way to prestigious wineries of international renown.  Take a tour to the deepest corners of the bodegas (wine cellars), to see the elaboration process and to taste the local produce.                

Mendoza is a clean and orderly city. Take a pleasant stroll along Mendoza´s wide tree-lined streets; spend some time at San Martín Park, with its amphitheater and artificial navigable lake. Options range from shopping malls, museums, art galleries to discotheques, pubs and excellent restaurants.  

Mendoza Attractiones & Activities               

Adventure tours: rafting in Mendoza

Adventure tours are always within reach in the nearby Andean Range which gives Mendoza city a privileged position for adrenalin seekers. Trekking, rafting, skiing and climbing are some of the available activities in nearby surrounds. The Mendoza River favors the practice of rafting, as waters descend at high speeds and force. Spectacular landscapes invite visitors to take a walk and capture the beautiful sceneries in a photographic safari.

A fascinating tour is definitely the Caracoles de Villavicencio, also known as Camino de las 365 curvas (the 365-curve trek), snaking its way at 3.200 meters above sea level, it used to be an ancient major passage into Chile. The trail offers a sweeping view of the Andes, and a great way to see the region´s fauna and flora.  

The Uspallata Valley lies in the same area and can be seen from La Cruz de Paramillo (The Cross of Paramillo). On the way to Uspallata and Paramillos, there is a natural look-out called El Balcón (The Balcony) on the edge of a 600m-deep gorge, from here you can spot some of the highest summits: Cerro Tupungato (6.800 m), Cerro Mercedario (6.770 m) and Cerro Aconcagua, the highest on the American continent with 6.959 meters. 

Potrerillos is a picturesque summer villa located 100 km away from Mendoza. Gran Hotel Potrerillos offers excellent accommodation and many a pleasant walk. 

Situated 183 km from the city of Mendoza, lies a geological formation that has been declared a Natural Monument, known as the Paso del Inca or Puente del Inca (Inca´s Passage or Inca´s Bridge). It is in fact a natural stone bridge that crosses over Las Cuevas River, whose water ochre-coloring comes from the composition of its sediments. The bridge used to be the regular passage of all travelers heading into Chile. Its name refers to the frequent visits paid to this spot by the Inca´s, attracted by the water´s healing powers. This rocky formation treasures natural water sources, endowed with healing properties whose temperature ranges from 34 - 38C.

Skiing Around Mendoza

Skiing in Las Leñas

Skiing in Las Leñas, Los Penitentes and Vallecitos is a great outing for those in town in the winter months.

Famous amongst ski fans, is Las Leñas, not only one of Argentina´s best ski tracks, but also one of the best in South America. This international tourist ski resort lies 1.140 km from Buenos Aires, blessed by a summer average temperature of 16º and -6.5º / 8º in winter. The season is active from June to October, when winter days are generally rather temperate and nights are seriously cold. There are opportunities for other sports like heli-skiing, snowboarding and snow-biking. The base camp is 2.240 m high and the summit lies at 3.430m.

The skiing surface extends for 230 ha, and offers stunning views from Tordecillas, Ponce, Entre Ríos, El Collar and Los Fósiles summits. The summits are accessible through 13 different modern lifts and the snow is absolutely reliable for skiing at the higher altitudes. The 500-ha area is conditioned for all sorts of skiing practices. The lower tracks feature canyons covered with artificial snow. Nighttime skiing is another enjoyable and nouvelle choice here; a ride under the moon and the stars is possible when guided by highly-qualified personnel.

Las Leñas simply has everything anyone needs to fully enjoy their stay, including a skiing school, skiing kindergarten, responsible assistance for the kids, ski rental and excellent medical services. This resort offers a wide range of accommodation possibilities: flat rental, hotels, hostels, apart-hotels, international casino, restaurants specialized in exquisite international and local dishes, plus a pub which offers the delights of nightlife.                       

The oldest skiing facility in the Mendoza area lies at Vallecitos. The facility´s headquarters is located 2.900 meters above sea level, an ideal setting for alpine and Nordic skiing. The whole area covers 88 km², made up of 6 tracks conditioned in different levels of difficulty.

Los Penitentes (The Penitents) is a facility open to ski fans and many skiers meet here from all over the world. Los Penitentes reaches 3 194 m above sea level and owes its name to the rocky formations on the slopes which resemble a row of monks marching uphill. In the summer months the area hosts the climbers of the Aconcagua Mountain.

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