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Mar del Plata, the "happy city" is known for its long golden-sandy beaches, theaters, great fishing, exquisite seafood, countless attractions, vibrant nightlife, or in one word... fun. It is one of Argentina´s chief tourist destinations, located on the Atlantic coast in the Buenos Aires province, 400 km away for the city of Buenos Aires.           

Most of Argentina´s main beaches are found in this area, as it features a 17 km-long coastline dotted not only with some of the most popular, but also the most sophisticated beaches in the country. The area hosts exclusive residential neighborhoods, amazing nightlife and also quiet spots for relaxation. Its outstanding architectonic heritage largely consists of modern constructions, some dating back to the early 20th century.

Strolling the streets of Mar del Plata offers the possibility to enjoy its colorful parks. A recommended tour starts in La Perla, one of the beaches on the city´s northern end, which links all the beaches along 'Punta Iglesia' and ends at the 'Torreón del Monje' (the Monk´s Tower), a medieval styled building that serves as a gastronomic complex and features wide terraces for sunbathing. Here you will also find Conference Rooms, open to a variety of events the whole year round. The deep blue of the sea, the lush greenness of the parks and the beauty of the architecture will surely cast their charm on any visitor.

Day in day out, on the beach and in downtown Mar del Plata will always offer amazing things to do. Nightlife offers a rich spectrum of options: performances, pubs, theaters, exclusive restaurants specialized in local and international cuisine, discos and mega-discos, plus the casino whose doors are permanently open.

Mar del Plata hotels feature over 55 thousand rooms, ranging from 1 to 5 stars, to apart-hotels and SPAs. There are also a number of available camping sites and home stays.

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Punta Mogotes Tour

In the direction of the airport, Playa Chica (Small Beach) and Playa Grande (Large Beach) offer rather different scenery: surprisingly the sand creates interesting rocky formations. In Playa Chica there is also an Olympic pool and several gastronomic choices. Sunbathing on the rocks in this area is very pleasant, but swimming on the other hand is not recommended.  Renowned resorts, scores of excellent restaurants and several water sports options are available in Playa Grande. It is a favorite spot for surfers who are always putting on a good show for spectators (waves dependent). In the gastronomic complex here, a room for art exhibits has also been created. There are plenty of parking spaces, if driving a car, plus a solarium with independent pools from those at the resorts.                         

The Puerto Neighborhood lays close by, full of peculiar aromas, bars and the presence of local fishermen coming-and-going, bringing in their daily catch, also offering you the opportunity to taste exquisite seafood.                       

Punta Mogotes lies further south along the coast, a place that hosts 24 beach resorts fully equipped for excellent service. Just a short distance away, the calm and spacious beaches that adorn the cityscape offer the ideal opportunities for swimming and fishing. There are also relaxing trips on small hire boats, coupled with a wide variety of food along the beach area.                        

Every resort in Mar del Plata offers a variety of choices for entertainment and activities. Beach bars feature good music and drinks. At sunset, the beaches are flooded with parties that include outdoor big concerts and electronic music.

The nearby mountain ranges, rivers and natural pools invite to several exciting jaunts for fishing, walks and joy flights. An amazing day cruise is available during the daytime to admire the lovely city and watch sea lions peacefully resting on the rocks along the coast. The whole picture is enlivened by the presence of many a local fishing boat.

Not far from the city, the beautiful countryside appears with the possibility for rural tourism. This is surely a different option to consider for it allows the opportunity to spend a few days in any of the magnificent haciendas in the area.

The coastline makes for an ideal spot for fishing fans. There are piers and other places created for the purpose, plus a good fishing tackle will definitely pay off with some big catch.

Mar del Plata is a brilliant city, intense nightlife with options for all tastes. Its generous geography gives the possibility to engage in activities like trekking, canoeing, parachuting, horse riding, surfing, diving, golf and paragliding.

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