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San Salvador de Jujuy is a traditional colonial settlement where ancient constructions witnessed a strong aboriginal and Spanish past, graciously intermingles with the more modern architectural styles. There are plenty of ways to reach Jujuy which lies 1,525 km from the Federal Capital of Buenos Aires: by private car, train, collective service or plane. Nestled amid high mountains, it marks the beginning of the territory called "Puna", a land of rich with red-to-blue color spectrums.  

Downtown Jujuy displays items, such as the high-quality woven works made from the wool of llamas and alpacas. The streets of Belgrano, Alvear, Lavalle and Necochea are lined by several shops and stalls, full of regional tapestries, crafts and pottery, whose origins go back as far as the pre-Inca cultures. 

The very local feel, habits and traditions reflect themselves around every neighborhood, adorned with disorderly streets, grille-protected mansions and flowery patios.  

Several celebrations are worth sharing with the locals. Carnival time in Jujuy takes place in February; this is a great opportunity to enjoy a colorful and traditional feast, highly animated by all inhabitants. Churches, chapels and museums make for some of its most outstanding attractions.

The climate can be regarded as variable and the scenery is framed by forests, green plains and crystal-clear water courses which provide an ideal setting for outdoor activities. It is wise not to forget the camera, for there will be photo opportunities that you wouldn´t want to miss. 

Jujuy Attractions & Activities

Travel Jujuy. 'Cerro de los Siete Colores', Purmamarca

A trip to this area not only offers the opportunity to enjoy incredible scenery, but also the chance to approach the local culture through its architecture, beliefs, rites and traditions inherited from the ancestral ethnic cultures that inhabited the area. Visiting the network of little towns around the Jujuy Province should definitely be taken into consideration. The recommended itineraries include: the Valleys´ Circuit, the Yungas´ Circuit, Quebrada de Humahuaca Circuit and the Puna Circuit.                        

The Valleys´ Circuit treasures a number of dazzling landscapes complemented by a lovely climate. The rivers, lagoons, the lush forests and the deep green plains endow the surroundings with special beauty. It is important to wear light clothes, a hat for sun protection and a swimming suit in summertime. The main areas along this itinerary are Palpalá, Dique Los Alisos, Dique Las Ciénagas, Dique Las Maderas, Termas de Reyes and Lagunas de Yala.

The Yungas´ Circuit, located on Jujuy´s southeastern region, is also known for the province´s warm valleys, characterized by its dense lush vegetation and abundant fauna. The "Yunga" or subtropical mountain jungle dominates the whole area, which offers the best opportunity to connect with nature, especially within the chief tourist zones like Termas de Aguas Calientes and Calilegua National Park.                           

The Quebrada de Humahuaca Circuit lies on the province´s central region and hosts earthly local inhabitants. This route allows visitors to experience the scenery´s color and beauty, coupled with the warmth and hospitality of people; a link between the past and the present is palpable in every picturesque village, full of ancient traditions and ancestral origins, the vivid impression of the pre-Columbian culture and the Spanish legacy. Light clothes and hats are strongly recommended, plus useful accessories like camera and binoculars. Be aware that temperature drops during the evening and a jumper may come in handy.                       

Route 9 leads through very attractive and graceful villages, framed by diversely colored hills. Quebrada de Humahuaca and the towns of Humahuaca, Purmamarca and Tilcara constitute its chief attractions: time stands still, ancient chapels, aboriginal ruins and adobe dwellings fully describe this wonderful place.

The Puna Circuit lies in the province´s northwestern sector. Vicuñas, guanacos, brightly lit spaces and blue skies are the main features. Its inhabitants are endowed with the tranquility and peacefulness of the surrounding landscape.

A number of towns along Route 9 offer good accommodation and food. The regional cuisine is exquisite and a bit spicy. There are plenty of food choices and the chance to sample the local drinks like "chicha" and "aloja" should not be missed.

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