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Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of South American travel. This enchanted territory will amaze you with its rich traditions, friendly people, amazing nature and endless fun. A land of contrasts and surprises, a tour in these lands will awake your most profound emotions, whether you are travelling through a small village in the highlands of Peru, the endless Pampas plains of Argentina, the incomparable Brazilian Amazon or a landscape of glaciers in Chile.


South America is a unique blend of cultures and landscapes that invite you to dream long after your travels in the area. Either take a short trip to any of its countries or maybe you would prefer to tour throughout the whole continent, you can always combine fun, history and nature. Its towns and cities are the legacy of ancient cultures such as the Incas, and the inheritance of the Spanish and Portuguese. Check-out information about South American buses.

South American countries in general are large and full of exciting travels:

Brazil is synonymous with music, joy and carnival. It has fascinating cities such as Salvador de Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, the imposing Amazonas, and hundreds of beaches which are just some of its attractions.  Argentina is the land of tango and good wine, where natural wonders include the fantastic Iguazu Falls and the beautiful Patagonian landscapes. There you can climb the Aconcagua, the highest peak in America or visit Ushuaia, the most austral city in the world. Peru is waiting for you to discover the fascinating world of the Inca, which is highlighted by the ruins of Machu Picchu, the Inca trail and the city of Cusco. You can also visit the Nazca lines, beautiful beaches and exuberant nature.

Chile is a vast country with a fascinating geography, from the Atacama Desert in the north, its more populated central region and the vibrant and green forests in the south featuring hundreds of islands and incredible landscapes including the postcard-perfect Villarica Volcano. Bolivia will enchant the visitor with its 'Cerro Rico' or Rich Mountain in Potosi, the striking Lake Titicaca, the immense Uyuni Salt flats and the incredible La Paz, with its impossible geography. Ecuador is a land of surf beaches, beautiful handicrafts and pleasant cities such as Quito. There you can visit the Galapagos Islands with their unmatched excursions to meet unique species.

Colombia, land of coffee, emeralds and Cumbia, will fascinate you in the beautiful Cartagena de Indias, and in the agitated Bogota. Venezuela, is famous for its petroleum, beautiful women and soap operas, plus it is a land of gorgeous Caribbean beaches, jungle and mountains. Discover the extraordinary Morrocoy National Park, the beautiful Margarita Island and the Orinoco River delta which are only a few of the wonders that it has to offer.

Tepuyes in Venezuela
Playa Blanca Cartagena, Colombia

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Christ Redeemer in Brazil
Uyuni Salt Bolivia
Iguazu waterfalls Argentina
Machu Picchu Perú
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