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Tulum is practically the only walled-in settlement produced by Mayan culture

This ancient Mayan city facing the ocean is practically the only walled-in settlement produced by this culture. Its name actually means "wall" and was the major center of the worshippers of the "Descending" god.

Its perfectly preserved ruins are surely worthy of a visit. As it was one of the last Mayan cities, it is one of the most beautiful, being located on the Caribbean shores. Some of its most prominent constructions are the castle or lighthouse, dedicated to the descending god and the Kukulcán cluster.

It is open everyday from 8am to 5pm. Accommodation is readily available in the area and there is a nice commercial center to enjoy the local cuisine.

Main Attractions

The Castle or Lighthouse

The most impressive aspect of this construction lies in its location on the edge of a cliff and its breath-taking ocean view. The castle features staircases that lead to three different levels and served as a ceremonial center and lighthouse for Mayan vessels.


The Frescoes Temple

Built in different stages because of its many frescoes and amazing decoration, it is believed to have played a key religious role.

The Temple of the descending God

This temple shows the image of a winged deity in descending flight, thought to honour planet Venus. Situated to the left of the castle, this image can be spotted from the main entrance.

Tulum pyramid

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The ancient Mayan city facing the ocean
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