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View of Taxco de Alarcón

Taxco de Alarcón, located in a beautiful valley, is a colonial city universally-known for its silversmiths. Although at present silver mining has ceased, it is still considered the 'Capital of Mexican Silver'. It comes highly recommend to look take a stroll through its markets for the country´s best silver crafts.

Taxco´s wealth lies not only in silver, but also in its architecture and history. Charming towns and picturesque villages are lined with colourful streets with colonial mansions and  well-lit squares. The legacy of the novo-hispanic barroque style of its imposing Cathedral of Santa Prisca is definitely worth a visit. The museums, such as the ones for Silver and Viceroyal Art, offer the opportunity to take a closer look at the history of the town´s mining past. Other interesting museums are Borda and Humboldt´s Residences, the latter home to the famous naturalist.

Some short tours can be taken from here, like the one to the Christ on Atachi Hill, which boasts a breath-taking view of the city. The nearby limestone Caverns of Cacahuamilpa, also make for an interesting visit, together with Humboldt National Park, ideal for trekking along the paths through its peaceful pine forests.

Main Sights

Santa Prisca Cathedral

Santa Prisca Cathedral

Everyday from 6am - 8pm

West side of Plaza Borda

This beautiful church, built in novo-hispanic baroque style in the 18th century, its facade shows an array of splendid rose-coloured pillars, as well as a heavily ornamented interior, including old paintings and carvings.

Viceroyal Art Museum

12 Juan Ruiz de Alarcón St.

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am - 5.30pm

Sunday: 9am - 3pm.

This museum features some 14 rooms dedicated to the entire city history, depicting examples of Taxco´s colonial architectural style.

"Antonio Pineda" Museum of Silver

Courtyard of Crafts, Plaza Borda

This is the brightest display of local traditional silversmithing, which made Taxco into the silver capital of Mexico. Some of these masterpieces have won international awards. The exhibits include works of the renown American silversmith, William Spratling.

Borda House

1 Plaza Borda

Everyday from 10am - 7pm

An 18th-century mansion with an attractive facade, several interior courtyards and wooden balconies, built by José de la Borda.

Humboldt´s Mansion

12 Juan Ruiz de Alarcón St.

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: 9am - 3pm

An 18th-century baroque-style mansion, home to the renowned German Naturalist, Alexander Von Humboldt.


Silver crafts, which have traditionally made this city famous, are on display and for sale in several areas. The main craft market lies behind the Cathedral, full of wind chimes, bracelets and a good array of finely-crafted items.

Caverns of Cacahuamilpa National Park

Another inmense 2 700-ha natural reserve located 31 km from Taxco. Its chief attraction are its limestone caverns, which constitue a unique experience. There are two main caves and visits are guided. Humboldt National Park Barely 10 km away from Taxco, this 1 100-ha natural reserve is a haven for nature lovers. Amazing views and healthy walks through its pine forests.

Statue of Christ and Atachi Hill

This huge monument placed on top of Atachi hill is an excellent reason for a pleasant morning walk. It is the opportunity to catch one of the city´s best views and pump yourself up with a bit of exercise.

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