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San Miguel Allende

If a conversations ever turns to magic shiny towns of lovely colonial-styled constructions, surely San Miguel de Allende will spring to mind. This is the way hundreds of painters, poets and even war veterans, who have settled here, see this town.

Just 92 km away from Guanajuato, this colorful city features dazzling baroque architecture. It is the greatest of pleasures to stroll the narrow streets and plazas, while admiring the amazing buildings and churches including San Miguel Archangel, Saint Francis and San Felipe Neri Oratory.

It was declared a Cultural Heritage Site due to its architectonic legacy and role during the war for Mexican independence. In fact, Ignacio Allende, Mexico´s National Hero, was born here. He was a key character for the country´s independence and the reason why the town changed its original name of San Miguel el Grande to San Miguel de Allende.

The city is highly praised for its great cultural festivities. Important events such as the Festival for Chamber Music, the Jazz Festival, the International Guitar Festival and several others take place here during the course of the year. The famous "Sanmiguelada" bull run, modelled on the one in Pamplona, Spain, is a national passion. The region also has a nice climate and a good infrastructure for tourism. There are plenty of art galleries, beautiful colonial-style hotels and a spectrum of choices as far as bars and top-quality restaurants are concerned.

There are other options available in San Miguel de Allende like paragliding and parachuting.

San Miguel Allende Tours: coming soon!

Colors in San Miguel Allende

Main Attractions

San Miguel Archangel Parish

\Main Square
Open daily from 9am - 7pm.

This is the city´s iconic church, its rose-colored facade is a combination of baroque and neo-Gothic styles. Although its official construction was finished in the 18th century, it underwent some changes during the following years.

Saint Francis of Assis Church

San Francisco St. Corner on Juárez St.

It shows fine stone carvings which represent the Christian Saints, especially that of Saint Francis. Built in a more neo-classical style, its adjoining monastery is also worth a visit.

San Felipe Neri Oratory

Insurgentes and Pepe Llanos Sts.
Open Saturday from 8am - 6pm

This church has a more indigenous influence on its facade, since it was originally an Indian chapel. A story tells of a mummified bull, buried under the main altar, keeping the Oratory´s gold crosses in its entrails. During the early 20th century, all churches were often ransacked and this was the way the priests chose to hide the valuables. The place also owns a collection of oil paintings by Miguel Cabrera.

Allende´s Residence History Museum

1 Cuna de Allende St.
Open daily from 10am - 2pm / 4pm - 6pm

Admission fee: US$2.20

Free admission on Sunday.

Ignacio Allende y Unzaga, the hero of Mexican Independence, was born and raised in this 19th century mansion. The Spanish vice-royal authorities appropriated it in 1810, but Allende´s family recovered it after independence. It was eventually sold and changed hands a few times until 1976, when the government bought it and made it into a museum. It exhibits interesting descriptions of the region´s pre-Columbian civilizations, as well as aspects of the local history and culture.

San Miguel Archangel Parish

Festivals and traditional celebrations

Chamber Music Festival
Last week in March


National Jazz Festival


International Guitar Festival
First week in July


Sanmiguelada (Bull Run)
Third Saturday in September. This popular Bull Run, similar to Pamplona's, attracts people from all over the country and some foreigners. It takes place in the main gardens.



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