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Visiting Puerto Vallarta's Cathedral

Puerto Vallarta mesmerizes visitors with its always sunny days, the cool ocean breeze, its lovely waterfront promenade, not to mention the great fishing opportunities.

Located in the country's central-western sector, Puerto Vallarta is the capital for the State of Jalisco. Its peculiar and attractive topography works as a shelter from the Pacific winds and endows it with a special charm. It is a major fishing spot for the entire country, no wonder it hosts one of the biggest International Fishing Tournaments every November.

The city is rather warm and picturesque, especially along the waterfront promenade (Malecón), a long walk along the sea shore full of culture and entertainment. Los Arcos is a spot lying on the way to Town Hall's Park; regardless of its rocky sculptures, it is an excellent place to dive and get a taste of the local cuisine by the street food stalls.

Many a beautiful beach will spring into view, such as Twin Beaches, among the most striking in the entire region due to their extremely white sand and surrounding lush vegetation, teeming with ancient trees and refreshing shady spots. The Beach of the Dead is by far the most visited and commercial, full of activities and services, plus the exclusive gay zone nearby with excellent service offers.

For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and seek to enjoy unspoiled nature, the neighboring town of Conchas Chinas is the place to go. Puerto Vallarta counts on a rich marine fauna and the most startling hump-back whales that come to these quiet shores for mating and breeding.

To really get a taste of Puerto Vallarta there is no reason to miss the local food and bay view at Boca de Tomatlán.

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Sunset in Puerto Vallarta
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