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Sunset in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is one of those places not to be missed, one of those places every good surfer must visit at least once in his life. Magnificent waves, extra fine sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and dazzling lush surroundings. At nighttime, you find yourself dancing in one of the many excellent clubs, beer in hand. How does that sound?

Puerto Escondido attracts both surfing and fishing fans. Surfing International Tournaments take place here such as that at Zicatela Beach and the fishing competition in November on Principal Beach. It is also a good choice for divers and parachute jumpers.
This real paradise on the Mexican Pacific Coast makes for a beautiful spot to enjoy less crowded beaches like Acapulco and Cancun. It offers a wide range of accommodation choices, from the most affordable to the top luxury resorts. Excellent bars and restaurants complement the offer, places to taste the local specialties and superb seafood.

Some of its natural attractions are Lagunas de Chacahua National Park, largely covered by mangrove forest, teeming with several species of iguanas, crocodiles and exotic birds. In addition, there is a Mexico´s Turtle Center in Mazunte, devoted to the preservation of turtle species.

Puerto Escondido is also a good spot to shop for some of the Oaxaca´s crafts, especially the ones made of shells and black coral.

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Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Beaches and Main Attractions

Zicatela Beach
Its name stands for "big spikes place"; this 3-km long beach is considered the best in Mexico and third best in the whole planet among the surfers due to its huge waves. A surfing tournament takes place here every November and for the brave, there is the chance to experience the thrill of parachuting.


Principal Beach
This 500-m beach is the chief venue for the International Sports Fishing Competition which also takes place in November. Its waters are rather calm and ideal for diving. Most hotels lie close to the beach and it features a beautiful promenade, the ?Andador Escénico? running the full length of the beach.


Carrizalillo Beach
This is by far the best destinations for diving fans. The 300-m long beach lies very close from Puerto Escondido center, but its access presents itself a bit more difficult than others, for the only way to get there is on foot along a rather steep ascend and a step-paved descend. Although this fact has contributed to keep it as the cleanest and least crowded beach in the area, ideal for surfing and snorkeling activities.


Bacocho Beach
This beach is partly framed by lush vegetation and a rocky wall that endows it with a peculiar feel. Waves are moderate what makes it a rather quiet spot, ideal for an evening walk. It also features hotels at close range.

Zicatela Beach

Lagunas de Chacahua National Park
The park counts on a wide spectrum of eco-systems such as the jungle and the swampy mangrove forests, which teem with great biodiversity. Its abundant fauna features exotic birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians, unfortunately many of them on the verge of extinction. Places to visit here are the Lizards´ Breeding Farm and the Iguana Farm. There are two beaches inside the park´s area, Chacahua and Cerro Hermoso and it is possible to take a boat trip on the park´s lagoons.


Mexico´s Turtle Center at Mazunte
This is a facility devoted to the preservation and study on the different turtle species. They have managed to protect seven sea turtles species, as well as some of the freshwater and land species. There is a guided tour around the place to learn about the stages in the life of turtles and the efforts for their preservation. The place also exhibits an impressive collection of Mexican cactuses.

Lagunas de Chacahua National Park
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