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Playa del Carmen

Just 60 km away from Cancún, Playa del Carmen is a place for all tastes. It offers all sorts of emotions, from different water sports to excellent bars and hotel, the planet's second largest reef and the fascinating Mayan world of ruins and beautiful parks.

Countless of couples chose the idyllic Playa del Carmen to get married, sunny days the year round and dream beaches surrounded by pure nature.

Its beaches offer the opportunity for windsurfing, surfing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and the fantastic kite-surfing. Playa del Carmen is a part of the Mayan Riviera and lies very close to the Great Mayan Reef, the world's second largest. Diving in these waters is a unique experience, surrounded by multi-colored fish and a full spectrum of marine life.

Nightlife in Playa del Carmen is another huge event. The beautiful Fifth Avenue springs to life in the evenings, its bars inviting to dance and try the most diverse drinks. Food is excellent, a place to taste the best Mexican and international specialties.

Another option is to visit two lovely eco-touristic parks: Xcaret, to admire and explore its Mayan ruins, cenotes and underground rivers; and Xel-Ha, one of the world's largest natural aquariums, also featuring Mayan ruins. No doubts, the ancient Mayan city of Tulum, one of the few fortified settlement of this civilization, will be a major attraction to any visitor.

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Beaches and Attractions

Coco Beach

Fine sand and calm waters, ideal for swimming and strolling along.


Chunzubul Beach

Its still waters attract snorkeling and diving fans.


El Faro Beach

It owns a very picturesque lighthouse and commands a beautiful view.



Playa del Carmen

Xel-Ha Eco Park

Open daily from 8:30am / 6pm.

This dazzling ecologic park, located 47 km south of Playa del Carmen, treasures Mexican biodiversity in a different way. It consists of several cenotes (underground-connected lagoons), coves, mangrove forests, caves and subterranean rivers. Activities like snorkelling, diving, kayaking and biking are available here. Other activities cover subterranean boat rides inside caverns, swimming with dolphins and diving in the neighboring sea, full of an impressive variety of colored fish.


Xcaret Eco Park

Open daily from 8:30am / 6pm.

This park, located barely 8 km south of Playa del Carmen, offers amazing nature and Mayan ruins. It features caves, natural pools, subterranean rivers, a reef aquarium and a huge butterfly and bird exhibit. Many water sports are available: snorkeling, diving, swimming and kayaking. There is also the opportunity to swim with sharks and feed them or visit an ancient Mayan ceremonial center.



This ancient city facing the ocean is practically the only one of the walled-in citadel of Mayan culture. Its ruins are very well preserved and worth exploring. There are some impressive buildings, such as the Castle of high religious character.


Cozumel Island

Mexico's second most populated island, it lies across from Playa del Carmen and constitutes one of the best diving spots for its surrounding reefs. There are several nice beaches along the island and two main resort areas: Playa Norte (North Beach) and Zona Sur (South Zone). Chankanab Lagoon has a natural tunnel that links it to the ocean which makes for a great opportunity to see a good deal of the marine flora and fauna.

The ancient city of Tulum
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