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Walking the streets of Mérida

Yucatan Peninsula is simply Paradise on earth, magically combining its strong colonial roots with the rich Mayan legacy. Upon arrival in Mérida, capital of the state of Yucatan, the revelation of its "White City" name immediately dawns on you. Its beautiful buildings from the colonial era, the charm of its parks and streets are obliging reasons for anyone to stay and enjoy some time there.

The climate is next to perfect, a 30ºC annual average temperature combined with the cool breeze from the ocean provides wonderful weather.

It is absolutely worthy to devote some time to stroll along its narrow alleys and well-lit squares. The main square, in typical colonial layout, makes for a pleasant walk. While close by are several of the top museums and most remarkable buildings.

Mérida features an amazingly active cultural life and excellent museums. The History and Anthropology Museum, housed in Cantón Palace, displays a sweeping panorama on Mayan culture. Furthermore, the city still treasures the remains of the ancient Mayan city of T´ho, on top of which the Spanish built today´s city of Mérida. The art galleries are a pleasure to the eye, such as "Paseo de Montejo", with a vast sculpture exhibit. Mérida also boasts one if the highest standards of living in Mexico.

Don´t miss the exquisite cuisine and vibrant nightlife. Beside the traditional Mexican specialties, Mérida is the right place to taste the delicious Yucatan cuisine, based on Poc Chuc, roast pork in sour orange juice, or Cochinita Pibil, pork baked underground and wrapped in banana leaves.

The city is surrounded by numerous old colonial haciendas which make for some of the chief attractions. They tell the story of Yucatan´s major industry up to the 20th century: hemp fiber production. The great majority of these former estates became part of the city´s layout with its expansion. Some of them have turned into museums, hotels or tourist facilities.

Mérida is, no doubt, the starting point for the exploration of the Yucatan Peninsula, for most of the excursions to the Mayan ruins are available from here. World-known sites like Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Sayil and several others lie within a stone´s throw. Other natural wonders to enjoy are the mirror like crystal-clear waters or "Cenotes" and the lush scenery inside Ría Celestún Biosphere Reserve, teeming with brightly-colored pink flamingos.

Main Attractions

Yaxcopoil Hacienda

The Cathedral

Every day from 6am - 1pm / 2pm - 8pm

Located on the main square, it is the oldest cathedral in Mexico. The 4.6m statue in its interior depicts the Christ of Concord and the beautiful façade features sculptures of St. Peter and St. Paul.



 "Ateneo de Yucatán" Contemporary Art Museum (MACAY)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Friday and Saturday: 10am - 8pm

Closed on Tuesday

Free Admission

Standing by the Cathedral´s flank, it constitutes one of the city´s top museums. Several Mexican artists hold permanent exhibits, together with temporary e-hibitions by other world-renowned painters.

Cantón Palace History and Anthropology Museum

485 Montejo Ave.

Every day: 7am - 7pm

Built by the Italian engineer Enrique Deserti, this palace was originally the property of General Francisco Cantón. Seven excellent theme exhibits display the history and imprint of the Mayan culture in the region, including jade artifacts from the Mayan sacred cenote.

Montejo´s Mansion

63rd Street

Every day: 7am - 7pm

The old mansion of Mérida´s founder, Don Francisco de Montejo, is a graceful building which The stands out its intricate carved details gracing its facade, the most remarkable being those of two warriors made out of local white stone.

Mérida´s City Museum

Former Post Office Building

A series of artifacts and images speak of the city´s evolution from the early days of the Mayan settlement of T´ho.

Yaxcopoil Hacienda

Located 33 km from the city, this nicely-kept estate reveals the secrets of the once blooming hemp industry that constituted the groundwork of textile manufacturing in the region. This was the bulk of industrial production in Yucatan up to the early 20th century, until its decline was caused by the appearance of more modern synthetic fibers.

Xcanatún Hacienda

Barely 12 km from Mérida, this hacienda was also part of the hemp-producing network. Nowadays, it has become a luxury hotel, surrounded by a paradise-like atmosphere recreated as a lush tropical jungle with a crystalline lake.

San José Cholul Hacienda

Some 68 km away from Mérida, this third hacienda is an internationally-known resort on the Caribbean shores. It offers a wide range of services, plus a top quality restaurant that serves the delicious specialties of the local cuisine.



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