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Located on the State of Sinaloa on the Pacific shore, Mazatlán is known worldwide by its wealth of marine life and the beauty of its beaches. That´s why, it has earned the name: 'Pearl of the Pacific'.

Mazatlán´s Lighthouse is one of the highest in the globe and it has been active since the late 1800. It was actually built in Paris and placed on top of Cerro de Creston (Creston Hill), ideal spot for pleasant walks to fully enjoy the surroundings and far-reaching sea view.

This is a largely touristry city, hence it features a qulity hotel network for all sorts of visitors. Mazatlán offers a wide spectrum of paradisiacal beaches, spread along several sectors of the city:  Olas Altas, barely a few meters south of the Old Town, a relaxing walk, plus it also features a series of interesting monuments.

Mazatlán´s most active region is called Golden Zone, with over 10 km of fantastic beaches and excellent restaurants and hotels. Some of these beaches like Playa Venados, Sábalo, Playa Gaviotas or Playa Norte offer the opportunity for surfing and diving.

For sportsfishing fans, Mazatlán is just about the best choice, especially for blue marlin. It has even become the venue for the Bisbee's Billfish Classic, an outstanding fishing tournament.

But don´t ever miss the famous "Mazatlán Carnival", taking place in late February. The carnival is a full display of local culture and traditions. The dances on the streets and the floats´ parade will get you involved, dancing and singing along.


Olas Altas Beach

As its name goes, this a popular spot for surfers because of the big waves. Located nearby the Old Center, the beach offers fine sand, warm waters and a bit of history, reflected in monuments along the waterfront: Sinaloa´s and Mazatlán´s Coats of Arms, The Deer, Monument to the Continuity of Life, the Monument to the Local Woman and a few others.


Playa Norte (North Beach)

The 'monos bichis' or monument to the fishermen is the most remarkable on this beach, although others like the one to the Brewery is as attractive. This beach is usually rather visited due to its beautiful and fantastic waves.


Playa Sábalo (Sábalo Beach)

65 km north of the city, an excellent 2km expanse of beach along the hotel chain. Paragliding appears among its chief attractions.


Playa Cerritos (Cerritos Beach)

Surrounded by a chain of hills from which it takes its name, this is a really attractive spot. However, you should watch out for the strong currents.


Playa Venado (Venado Beach)

This beach, located on an islet off the coast from Mazatlan, is one of the most unique for its jungle surroundings. It is only 2 km away from Mazatlán, so a short boatride. Regardless of its crystaline and warm waters, you may take a close look at the petroglyphs painted by the ancient local dwellers.

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Yellow Cathedral in Old Mazatlan
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