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Manzanillo is one of Mexico's dream destinations: beautiful beaches and fantastic fishing. It belongs to the State of Colima, situated to the country's southwest section.

It is a renowned spot among the local fishermen and in fact it carries the label of 'World Capital of the Sailfish'. Several fishing tournaments have been taking place here since 1957, such as the famous 'Dorsey Cup'. It features a marvelous port, the third created by the Spanish in the colonial era, highly worth of a visit.

But Manzanillo also meets the needs of those who look for a destination to lie on the beach and have some fun. Treasure and Miramar Beaches are excellent spots to do water sports like snorkeling and diving. At night, comes the time to enjoy the delights of the local cuisine and down a few drinks. Don't miss out on dishes like the crazy octopus or the 'tatemado', a special pork stew.

Seashell necklace manufacturing is one of the local traditions, for it has survived since pre-Hispanic days, becoming a part of its culture and the city's attractions. Another unmistakable visit is the waterfront, roamed by youngsters who put on concerts, football matches and even political events.


Olas Altas Beach

Located along Santiago Bay, it features excellent hotels. Its high waves are more common from July to October, while being moderate during the rest of the year.


Miramar Beach

Also along Santiago Bay, this is one of Manzanillo?s favorites. It offers top-notch restaurant and hotel services, water sports like diving, jet sky and snorkeling. Some Spanish galleons rest in the depths of its waters, making diving into a full-on adventure.


Santiago? Beach

Another beautiful beach along the namesake bay, this is a quiet fine sand beach, ideal to enjoy romantic walks and sunsets. There is a lookout a great deal of hotels and restaurants.


La Boquita? Beach

Together with Miramar Beach, they are the ideal places for water sports: diving, snorkeling and jet sky. Located to the western sector of the bay, this 1km long beach is also highly frequented by families.


Las Hadas Beach

This one is located along Manzanillo Bay with beautiful lookouts that offer a full view of the rest of the beaches. Ideal for swimming due to its calm waters.


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