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Ixtapa, 200 km away from Acapulco on the Pacific coast, is surely one of the most charming destinations anyone would fall in love with since day one, beautiful fine sand beaches and the turquoise Pacific Ocean, framed by a chain of lovely hills.

The place lies close to Zihuatanejo, a charming traditional-looking town on this side of the Mexican coast, which offers good accommodation and restaurants. Barely 5 km away, Ixtapa Resort Complex has all anyone needs for a superb holiday. Modern hotels, excellent restaurants, lovely beaches and a vibrant nightlife make this destination among the best choices.

There are beaches with smaller waves like La Ropa or Las Gatas, and a bigger swell at El Palmar or Playa Larga beaches making for some good surfing. For water sports fans, Ixtapa offers surfing, windsurfing and diving. It is a great fishing destination as well, hosting every year its own International Fishing Tournament.


Las Gatas Beach

It is necessary to head south of the bay to access this beach on Avenida de la Bahía, or take a boat from the main beach. It is a romantic rocky spot for pleasant late afternoon walks.

Main Beach (Playa Principal)

A 900-m long beach near Zihuatanejo´s downtown, it commands views over the rest of the neighboring beaches.

Playa Larga

About 2-km long, ideal for windsurfing and surfing on its perfect waves. It also has good seafood restaurants.

White Beach (Blanca)

This one lies some 25 km south of Zihuatanejo. Its chief attraction lies in a flock of almost-extinct colourful birds and Barra de Potosí Lagoon.

La Ropa Beach

Located along Zihuatanejo´s Bay, it is perhaps one of the most popular in the area. Its waters are rather calm, all complemented by good hotels, restaurants and a selection of water sports.

La Madera Beach

A small beach for quiet relaxing walks, it also features a couple of hotels and restaurants.

El Palmar Beach

One of Ixtapa´s best beaches, it owns the nicest hotels and restaurants. There are all sorts of water sports and parachuting along its 3 kilometers of beaches.

Quieta Beach

Barely 6 km away from Ixtapa, it is a 300-m long quiet beach, perfect for water sports.

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