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Cancun is simply one of those tourist paradises where everything is there for the perfect holidays: wonderful beaches, lots of entertainment, water sports and excellent restaurants. No need to go any further, for there is also adventure, history and jungle. Cancún awakens everybody's senses and always makes them wish to come back soon. Cancún runs high the whole year round, favored by an average 27º temperature and sunny days for the most part, ideal anytime to pay it a visit.

This dazzling city has more than 30 km of beach to offer: huge resorts, hundreds of restaurants, SPAs and shopping malls. Its throbbing night life is supported by a variety of clubs, difficult to match by any other destination in the world.

It is also the ideal spot for all sorts of water sports: windsurf, diving, snorkeling, wave-runner, bungee jumping and parachuting. The planet's second largest reef lays close by, an excursion not to miss.

Of course, there is always the opportunity to do sightseeing around the impressive Mayan ruins at Tulum and Chichen Itzá, or visit the beautiful Xel-Há and Xcaret eco-touristic parks, two ancient Mayan ports that offer a different adventure.


Beaches, Cancún

Langosta Beach

Located on the 5th Km along the Resort Area, is one of Cancun?s most visited. Ideal for a good dining experience and for water sports fans to do jet sky, diving or wave-runner.


Tortugas Beach

Just a little further on km 6.5 of the Resort Area. Its waters are calm and shallow which rules out the possibility for diving. On the other hand, there is the chance to do some spectacular bungee dumping and cruising to Mujeres Island.


Mujeres Island

This is by far a must while in Cancun. The island is accessible by motorboat from the Resort Area (Zona Hotelera) at Linda Beach or Puerto Juárez. It owes its name to the Spanish conquistador Francisco Hernández de Córdova, who happened to find several Mayan female statuettes in honor of Ixchel, the goddess of fertility. The island features some beaches like Los Cocos for water sports or o Garrafón, ideal for diving. Lancheros is a place to watch lovely marine turtles and there is a superb pirate ship cemetery at Dormitorios.


Chac-mool Beach

This is one of the best spots for a romantic and pleasant walk on the sand, along the still and transparent sea shore. It lies on the 10th Km of the Resort Area, across from Bojórquez Lagoon. Jet sky is also available here.


Delfines Beach

On the 18th Km along the Resort Area north of Punta Nizuc, this beach owns one of the most scenic sea views.


Marlin Beach

A very quiet spot on Km 13 of the Resort Area, it is ideal for sun tanning and relaxing. There are opportunities for diving, water skiing and windsurfing.


Ballenas Beach

It is a remarkable spot for striking views of the surroundings and beautiful sunsets. Located on the 14th Km, it also offers a variety of water sports.


Gaviota Azul Beach

Located on Km 18, south of Punta Cancun, it is a perfect place for swimming and water sports. It is often ideal for windsurfing because of its rather strong waves. 


Yamil Lu'um Beach

At km 12.5 of the Resort Area, this beach?s biggest attraction is its two Mayan ruins.


San Miguelito Beach

Also featuring Mayan Ruins that gave the beach its name, it lies by Km 16.5.


Las Perlas Beach

This is actually one of the first beaches along the Resort Area on Km 2.5. Swimming, diving, windsurfing, kayaking and volley-ball rank top on the agenda here. There are also excursions to Mujeres Island.


Linda Beach

Neighboring the former beach at Km 4, its calm waters invite to a walk along its sandy shore. Several excursions and cruises start here and it is the main departure point to Mujeres Island.


Caracol Beach

Best place to practice jet sky. Located at Km 8 Caracol Beach offers beautiful calm transparent waters and is highly popular among families.


Punta Cancún

Side by side with Caracol Beach at Km 9, it is perfect for diving and snorkeling in transparent turquoise waters.

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Mayan Ruins in Cancún
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