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In 1910, the great Nicaragua (Cocibolca) and Managua (Xolotlán) Lakes lost their millenary natural link, the Tipi-Tapa River. Some 88 years later, the gigantic hurricane Mitch gave it back to them. Both water mirrors embrace an extraordinary charm that attracts all visitors.

Cocibolca is Central America's biggest water paradise and the second in Latin America. Its 8.624 km² make it an authentic fresh water sea, where a shore cannot be spotted from the other and is inhabited by rare species like the fresh water shark. The San Juan River binds it to the Caribbean and the 15-km wide Rivas isthmus is all that separates it from the Pacific. Its shores teem with wildlife and important cities, such as Granada, Rivas and San Carlos. They all make up a tempting travel combination.

The lake and its islands are even more fascinating. Ometepe is the most complete as far as attractions and activities are concerned, a daydream place to relax, swim, ride, bike, discover petro-glyphs and taste home-made fish-based food. Concepción (active) and Maderas Volcanoes await for explorers to enliven the spirit of adventure. 

There is a boat available from Granada to visit Solentiname Archipelago, located southeast of Cocibolca Lake. It consists of 36 islands whose villages are essentially related to artistic creation since the 70s, when the poet Ernesto Cardenal founded the first artists community there. As everywhere in this region, you will enjoy an amazing natural environment with some of the world's unique species.

Xolotlan Lake covers 1.042 km² and welcomes the contribution of 4 tributaries: Sinecapa, Río Viejo, Pacora and San Antonio Rivers. In spite of its murky waters as a result of sediments and sewage from Managua City, it is still a major attraction and relaxation spot. Momotombo Volcano, Momotombito Island, Chiltepe Peninsula with Apoyeque and Xiloá Lagoons constitute outstanding sights in the lake's area. 

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