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Put yourself on the way to the charming colonial city of Granada to the tunes of local music, skillfully snatched from a violin. The sensation that comes to mind while walking the streets, praising the architecture and tropical vegetation, is like entering a painting of gentle lively brush strokes and pastel colors.

There is no better way to recover from the trip than heading straight for the main square, sitting in one of the nice restaurants and ordering a succulent local meal. While pumping back the energy, keep in mind every detail of the surroundings for later visits: artisans stalls, the Cathedral, the town hall and the bank area. Get involved in the magic of a city that has not lost its charm since its foundation in 1524.

They call it 'The Great Sultana' or 'The Sultan's Bride', after the majestic volcano. It is today the country's chief tourist destination, with colonial mansions, pretty churches, a lovely market, the beautiful Nicaragua Lake a few steps away from downtown and its gentle people sitting outside their homes during the warm evenings. 

A city guide will always be useful to plan any itineraries, but just by walking around will be enough to come across the main sights: the Veranda of the Lions Mansion, the remarkable Episcopal Palace, the Culture Palace, the old Train Station, the 1901 Turn-of-the-century Monument and The Gunpowder Fort Museum. Don't miss out the ancient St. Francis Convent whose premises present the region's history. 

And of course, Granada has a privileged location to the Nicaragua Lake's northwestern side. For that reason, it counts on the enchantment of its shores and the archipelago formed by paradisiacal islets. Further south lies Mombacho Volcano, whose ascend is a must for whoever comes to Nicaragua.

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