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The profile of a brave indigenous character makes itself visible on one of the hills that surround the little town of San Juan del Mar; a firm millenary sentinel who looks to the horizon keeping an eye on the beautiful bay. Nowadays, the Pacific side offers a large haven, dotted with palm trees and commercial facilities to provide visitors with whatever they may need during their holidays.

There is an incomparable choice of beaches: La Flor, El Ostional, El Coco, Maderas, El Yanki, Marsella, Hermosa, Nacascolo and Majagual. All of them offer surfing, sports fishing and diving, plus a vibrating nightlife. Nature did a good job in San Juan and filled the sea with dolphins, marlins and whales that can be seen from January to April. Several species of sea turtles nest and spawn in the months of November and December.

The city of Bluefields lies on the opposite side on the eastern coast caressed by the Caribbean. This locality within the South Atlantic Region is the seat of a multi-ethnic population, a mix of Africans and aboriginals whose daily life evolves in a white sand and turquoise-blue sea landscape.

The so-called Mosquito Coast jealously keeps the paradisiacal Corn Island Archipelago, formed by Corn Island and Little Corn Island. Despite its beauty, it still remains a barely exploited destination, what makes it an unspoiled tropical garden. Rum and seafood sessions, snorkeling at the coral reefs, good music and pirate stories...the Caribbean dream within reach.

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