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The magic volcanic island of Ometepe basks eternally "under the golden-bright Nicaraguan Sun". This is the planet's largest island amid a fresh water lake. And "Under the golden-bright Nicaraguan Sun", is where some impressive human footprints have been preserved in the volcanic clay for 6.000 years in Acahualinca. And "Under the golden-bright Nicaraguan Sun", a rickety old collective yellow taxi makes its hasty and noisy way through the streets of Managua, proudly bearing the sign: "God Loves You". "Under the golden-bright Nicaraguan Sun", a farmer speaks loudly in closer tuning with far-off Argentina and Uruguay than his Central American neighbors. "Under the golden-bright Nicaraguan Sun", the 'Güegüense', a traditional street theater script, is performed once more. "Under the golden-bright Nicaraguan Sun", Rubén Darío was born, author of this quoted verse, prolific poet, the Prince of Castilian literature.

The meaning of the name Nicaragua is still being debated, but one of the most accepted entries is: "the place where beauty comes from". This is related to nature and man-made creations in equal measure: from the colorful colonial Independence Square in the city of Granada, the towns of León, Rivas, Masaya and Bluefields, to the country,s cultural wealth.

The Republic of Nicaragua is one of the seven beautiful countries that characterize the narrow isthmus in between the two bigger Americas. Its territory, largely covered by savannas, expands from east to west, from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean and from north to south between Honduras and Guatemala. Managua, its capital, lies by the crystalline shores of Xolotlán Lake; close by, the great Nicaragua Lake (Cocibolca) dominates a magical landscape, flanked by a row of volcanoes (Cosigüina, Masaya, Maderas, Concepción). The Pacific region is traversed by the Central American Cordillera. In the center, mountains and rivers embrace each other. On the Caribbean side, the land is carpeted by forests and jungle, the home of the jaguars.

This is definitely a destination for intrepid explorers. Just imagine unspoiled beaches, exotic animals like the fresh water shark, natural reserves, paradisiacal islands like Ometepe, Zapatera and Corn Island, active volcanoes, waterfalls, colonial cities, artisans, music, harmony. Surfing, eco-tourism, canopy tours, diving, golf, trekking, fishing. Pure adventure and the good life await you in Nicaragua.            

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