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Yojoa Lake

Just picture in your mind a restaurant facing a lake, fried fresh fish and a home-made beer on the table or a smoking cup of the local coffee. This is what awaits you at Yojoa Lake, 100 km west of Comayagua. There is plenty of things to do: sailing, visiting the fishing villages, exploring the surrounding mountains, all in all, enjoy this dazzling spot.               

Yojoa Lake is a 16 km-long by 8 km-wide natural water mirror, flanked by imposing mountains, like Cerro Santa Bárbara, the second highest summit in Honduras. Azul Meambar and Santa Bárbara are two of the national parks located in this area. Lake and parks constitute a huge natural reserve, teeming with orchids, ferns, more than 400 bird species, endemic plants, reptiles, amphibians, spider monkeys, jaguars and anteaters.                 

A few villages like Peña Blanca spread on the lake's shore, once the Lenca civilization's domains and prior to the emergence of the Mayans. 'Los Naranjos' is an archeological site that tells the story.               

For water sports fans, Honduyate Marina, located on the way from Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, offers the best options: rental of all sorts of boats and trips on the lake on an old ferry. There is a house on the opposite shore, only accessible by motorboat, which used to be the summer spot for the high executives of the Rosario Mining Company. It is available for rent and is very well equipped.

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Pullapanzak Waterfall near Lake Yojoa
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