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There was a time when a Mayan village bloomed in a piece of land still untouched by the Spanish conquistadors. The inhabitants of the City of Copán lived surrounded by the generous nature, leading a happy daily routine and playing on the sports field. Like every other settlement from this civilization, Copán was mysteriously abandoned. The jungle embraced everything, even before the Spanish arrival and only ruins remain.              

The former inhabitants of Copán left as legacy a pyramid of great value for those who devote their time to reveal the Mayan secrets: it features over 2.500 glyphs, that is, graphic symbols carved on the stone blocks. In order to reach this ancient ceremonial center and astronomic observatory, you must head for the town of Copán Ruins, 12 km away from the Guatemalan border.              

These ruins are also known as 'the Athens of the Mayan World'. It is a very accurate comparison and due to its archeological prominence, it has been declared a World Heritage site in 1980.           

Even in its present state, it would not be too difficult to have a good idea of what the city looked like in its golden days. The zoomorphic altars still stand on the Square of the Wakes; the Stairs of the Hieroglyphs, a temple that holds the key to the most important Mayan text, still not deciphered; the acropolis, made up by the Temple of the Sun and the Stairs of the Jaguars; the sports field; the houses called 'graves'; the extraordinary Altar and the frog-shaped rocks.                

Honduras has a lot of other archeology-related surprises: the Ecologic and Archeology Park in Cuevas de Talgua, where more than a hundred 2.500 year-old painted skeletons were found and the Moskitia, with its intriguing petro-glyphs.

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