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Trujillo fortress

Would you like to experience for a second what Columbus felt with every discovery? Then you should try Trujillo, the place on the Caribbean shore where the Genoese admiral landed, today within Honduran territory. Once you get there and see the coastline for the first time, keep in mind the sensations produced by such vision?                  

Its inhabitants are as quiet as the waters along its shores. The sandy beaches and its palms invite to rest and relax. The present Trujillo is a far cry from that 16th century agitated port, invaded by pirates. The city offers a stunning view over the bay, spreading under the cliffs and Capira and Calentura Mountains. The Old Town features a 17th century Spanish fort, an Archeology Museum, 'Cristales' Neighborhood, the Cathedral and the Main Square. Nearby, a thermal-water SPA complements Trujillo's relaxing choices.                

If you haven't tried diving, snorkeling and the beaches in Honduras yet, they will surely pose a tempting opportunity. Turquoise blue waters, multicolored fish, caves, a whole underwater world to unveil. 

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