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In some special moments, silence is the best background music to let the body and soul soak in the surroundings. Upon arrival in Bahía Islands on the Caribbean side, you will be impressed by the extraordinary beauty of the landscape, the turquoise-colored waters, the fine white sand and the bright horizon. Then, silence again will further enhance the sensations.                   

Guanaja, Roatan and Utila are three of the marvelous islands that form the Bahía Islands Archipelago, probably one of Honduras best assets. Their peaceful scenery is not the only thing sought by the travelers, but also the amazing underwater world that thrives in their coral reefs. Diving and snorkeling are the best ways to discover it. Walking on the beach, sailing and fishing are some of the greatest pleasures to enjoy here.                   

The name of these islands goes beyond preference. They are the destination of thousands of tourists every year to take a few days off. Some great sports, music and movie celebrities are among the regular visitors: Julio Iglesias, Tiger Woods and Richard Gere. Many foreigners have also settled in the archipelago where the majority of the population speaks English.                  

Roatán is the largest island and for that reason it features an international port and an airport. The surroundings are just hard to describe with words, as well as the climate that enjoys this Caribbean paradise. The most beautiful are West End, Playa Bay, Oak Ridge, Punta Gorda and Coxen Hole. A startling adventure is diving at the Valley of the Kings, haven for the wrecks of ships like Prince Albert and Mary´s Place. Other interesting options are Roatán's Museum, the Marine Science Institute, plus the excellent local restaurants and crafts.              

Utila and Guanaja are the closet and farthest from the continent respectively. The first is also the smallest and treasures the Caribbean charm in every single corner. It owns several fine sand beaches, friendly people and underwater treasures. Guanaja, in turn, was the place where Columbus landed on his fourth voyage to America and was attracted by its pine forests. The 'aquarium', a sunken wreck named Jabo Trader and the picturesque village of Bonacca with its great coral reef are surely places to visit here.                   

The archipelago also counts on several islets, such as Cayos Cochinos, Cayo Chachauate, Pigeons Cays and Bay Beach. There are plenty of sea animals like turtles, crabs and dolphins; outdoor adventures, tropical drinks on the beach, coral reefs, delicious shrimps and lots of fun? These Islands are a destination to fall in love with.

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