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Your first image: standing on one of El Picacho Hill lookouts, the city of Tegucigalpa sprawls before your eyes, narrow and tight, almost monochromatic; traffic jams, a dense network of cables covering the streets, old buildings leaning on one another, food and craft stalls everywhere, yellow collective taxis plowing restlessly through the city, neon signs from the big fast food monopolies that struggle with the churches domes to find a piece of sky; the intermittently hidden Choluteca Rive, green spots like the stadium; and people, lots of people: men wearing white hats and women carrying basket on their heads, shopping, working, walking around, just living?

Next image: the shade of a palm tree reflects on the turquoise sea; nearby a boat gently rocks by the tiny wooden pier. You leave your room and start walking slowly feeling the soft sand under your feet; you sit by the shore barely touching the still and warm waters. You quietly stay there with your eyes closed, going over every single image and sensations Honduras left inside you?

Honduras shares with Nicaragua and El Salvador the middle section of Central America. It is a multilingual country where ethnic groups speak Spanish, English, Tol, Pech and Tawahka. A territory of 112.090 Km² features several cities, such as Tegucigalpa, Choluteca, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Puerto Cortes, Tela and Santa Rosa. On the seaside, Bahía Islands (Guanaja, Roatan and Utila) treasure an incomparable charm.

Its potential as a tourist destination remain unnoticed for many years under the label of a 'banana-producing country', but today its attractions are rather world-known and it is about time you go see for yourself. Mayan ruins, diving in amazing coral reefs, Caribbean and Pacific beaches and jungles are some of the ingredients of a rich heritage.

Copán is a place that genuinely preserves the world the way it was before Columbus arrival in Honduras in 1502; the capital "Tegus", Comayagua and the surroundings: Suyapa, Santa Lucía, Valle de los Ángeles, will make up interesting stops along the trip. Yojoa Lake startles with its fairy-tale landscapes; La Ceiba proudly offers its carnival; Trujillo, the paradisiacal beaches; the Bay Islands owns Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve and 'Cayos Cochinos' hold the best opportunities for relaxing, adventure and eco-tourism.

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