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Colorful long-beaked birds, jaguars and restless monkeys are the genuine dwellers of Tikal National Park, a jungle that remains vulnerable to the sands of time and modern technological advances. Many years ago, before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, Tikal also hosted the largest city of Mayan civilazation. Huge temples and ancient ruins are there to tell the tale.

Guatemala is the craddle of this ancient aboriginal culture. Mayan civilazation evolved in city-states and stood out for its complex architecture, art, maths and astronomy knowledge. San Bartolo, El Mirador and Tikal were some of the main urban centers.

The region of Petén, to the north of the country, will show you this amazing lost world, amid the lush jungle. A trail leads to this place and the deafening shrieks of monkeys will accompany you all along the walk. You might get scared at first, but the breath-taking presence of Tikal´s pyramids really deserves the try. Once there, don´t miss The voices Place.

Before its inhabitants abandoned it, probably in the 10th century and for unknown reasons as it happened in other Mayan cities, Tikal was inhabited by around 150.000 people. Six great pyramids, temples, the Royal Palace, residences and other striking constructions still survive in this place. 

Some buildings reach 50 meters like the Temple of the Great Jaguar, the Temple of Masks, the Temple of the Great Priest and the Temple of the Two-headed Serpent

Just 65 km south from Tikal, lake Petén Itzá invites you to take a break in your itinerary around the Mayan world and recharge for new adventures. The ideal spot: Flores Island, formerly named City of Tayasal.

Easy to explore on foot while in search of accommodation, food, souvenirs or a cybercafé, always flanked by the spectacular landscape of the lake.

Tikal and Flores tours coming soon!

Temple of the Great Jaguar

Peten Itza Lake
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