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San Felipe Castle, Rio Dulce

The network of Guatemala´s watercourses is another of its major treasures. A great deal of rivers flow across the territory in various lenghts, widths and picturesque trajectories. La Pasión, el Chixoy or Negro Rivers, el Usumacinta, Suchiate, Cahabón and La Paz, are just a few examples. There are those that empty in beautiful lakes like the Petén Itzá and Izabal, the country´s largest with 589,6 km2. The Rio Dulce branches out of the latter and joins the Gulf of Honduras.

Now place yourself in Rio Dulce, but from above, flying among gigantic trees. Canopy tours, a different way to get to know the region´s nature sliding from tree to tree on a steel cable, will enable you live such a experience.

A boat trip is another way to dip into the river´s charms. Starting from the lake, its shores are completely covered by a forested thick wall. Some towns spring into view at the narrowest stretch of the river, featuring hotels and restaurants. Further ahead, 'Golfete' presents itself as a reserve for seacows and aboriginal populations. The picture will gradually change while approching the sea and the trip will come to an end at Amatique´s Bay.

This natural paradise has a lot to offer: horse riding, trekking, fishing and birdwatching. The most exciting though is diving in the river to admire the wrecks of Spanish galeons, sunk in fierce battle against pirates.

Sticking to ecotourism, the area of Cobán constitues an endless source of adventures. Animals, rain forests, lakes, cataracs and caves will prove it right. For flower lovers, the city of Cobán features a greenhouse that breeds over 650 orchid species.

Never forget to wacht the beautiful quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala. In Mario Dary Reserve, visit the caves of Lanquín, Candelaria and King Marcos and swim in the natural pools at Semuc Champey.

Rio Dulce and Cobán tours coming soon!

Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala
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