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There are some details and features on every corner of the world which are never mentioned in the guide books, but they are an unmistakable part of the country´s identities. In Guatemala´s capital, for example, one of those unique features is the 'Zona Viva', one of the city sectors.  It is an area dotted with many a restaurant and discoteque, plus hotels to provide accommodation and keep you close to unveil the magic of this place.

Masterpieces and modern glass buildings everywhere, surrounded by groves of trees, that is Guatemala City. Shopping Malls, crafts markets and over 300 museums and art galleries are counted among the attractions. Monuments succeed each other along the city, symbols of honor and respect for those who forged its history.

There are lots of interesting architectonic treasures from the colonial era: the Metropolitan Cathedral, the former Post Office building, the Presidential Palace and the Train Station. A good itinerary covers the Popol Vuh Museum, 'La Aurora' zoo, the Flower Clock, the Indigenous Outfit Museum, the Central Market, the Aquaduct and the Craftsmarket, among several others. 


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