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El Calvario Church

The city was named Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción after its foundation in 1776. Antigua Guatemala lies barely 45 minutes from the capital, simply known as Antigua the world over. It was for 200 years the country´s capital, until it had to be transfered to its present location in La Ermita Valley due to the regular earthquakes in the area.

The face of Antigua reflects that of its almost 250 thousand inhabitants and the legacy of their culture. Closely guarded by three volcanoes: Water, Fire and Acatenango, the city bore witness of important events, such as when King Felipe II granted it the Title of Very Noble and Loyal City of Santiago de los Caballeros of Guatemala.

Today, it moves on its own pace with the glory and preservation of its past, already declared National Monument, Monument City of the Americas and World Heritage Site. Make the most of your stay here, walk the city up and down, take all it has to give. Get to know about the earthquakes that more than once destroyed it, about the indigenous traditional crochets, the goldsmithing, the museums and its ruins.

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