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It dawns, not very far the loud wild shrieks of a white-faced monkey disrupt the quietness. You wake up and it takes a few seconds to realice you are there in the jungle at Tortuguero. Then you smile and rush to get ready not to miss that special moment of the day, when the first rays of the sun magically touch every particle of that amazing world.

Tortuguero is one of the most charming surprises you will ever have along the Costan Rican Atlantic coast: a perpetually-wet territory which treasures one of the most magnificient ecosystems and geographical layouts in the planet. It is here where year after year from June to September, several kilometers along the coast host thousands of spawning marine turtles.

Getting there is no easy task. The road only allows you up to a certain point from where a 2-hour boat trip takes you through startling canals, slowly penetrating the heart of the jungle. At the end of that trip, you will find yourself surrounded by dense vegetation teeming with cougars, quetzals, toucans, poisonous frogs, iguanas, fishing bats, caimans, snakes and lots of other perils.

Enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings at Tortuguero and a silence only disruptes by the falling rain, this is nature in full glamour. Any time you like to move away from the routine, come down to town to try some of the local produce.

The excursion to the turtles´spawning sites always goes off at nighttime, in complete darkness until you hit home. You will barely have a few minutes to admire that unique spectacle before the guides starts back.

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