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Just a couple of useful things before the start: an umbrella, some local currency and energy to walk, you will be ready to begin a tour around San José, Costa Rica´s capital city. Cardigans and sweaters are of no use here, but the umbrella certainly is, for sudden downpours are very common. An early start is recommended in order to make the most of the day, as it goes dark early.

Distances are easily covered in this modest and organized city. The center, in deep sleep at night, bursts with life during working days. Places to visit in this area are: Park Central, the National Theater and Culture Square. As cultural suggestions, it is worth to mention a series of interesting museums: the Contemporary Art Museum, the Children´s Museum, The Gold Museum, the National Museum and 'Melico Salazar' Popular Theater.

When noon is approaching and the walk makes you feel sort of hungry, there is no better choice than the Central Market. The halls are a bit narrow in there, but plenty of food offers in this place. You may cool down with some coconut milk and entertain your appetite with a couple of the traditional Costa Rican egg crackers, before going for the big catch. 

You should get to 'La Sabana' Metropolitan Park before sunset, this is the green lung of San José. It covers 72 ha for the healthy practice of sports. It also holds a big lake, the National Stadium and the Costa Rican Art Museum.

But don´t leave other parks and attractions aside: Morazán Park, features the Temple of Music, Okayama and Peace Parks, 'Simón Bolívar zoo; 'La Merced' church, the Yellow Mansion, the Post Office Building and the Soda Palace.

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