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It is said that the best cheese in Costa Rica is made high up on Tilarán Mountain Range. If this is not an excuse good enough for you to visit the little town of Monteverde, the possibility to get into the magic world at Monteverde´s Biological Reserve may be.

The community lacks a dynamic urban development, for it is largely devoted to agriculture and the touristry sector. Were it not for some modern elements like internet, the place would seem lost in time.

You should carry proper shoes and warm clothes to face the cold and deal with the mountain trails and ready for a nature adventure! Monteverde Reserve takes shape once the giant ferns lining the trail come into view. If it is your lucky day, you will get the opportunity to watch a great deal of the local fauna that consists of 400 bird species, 490 butterfly species and 100 mammal species.

You might be interested in taking a walk along the sky, very close by, Santa Elena Biological Reserve awaits to make that possible. A whole network of hanging bridges upon the rain forest canopy allows you to stroll high up the trees as though walking on thin air.

It is easy to walk along this reserve, just follow any of the trails and discover other interesting places as the Butterfly Garden and the Snake Farm that breeds over 25 species.

Monteverde tours coming soon!

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