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Cahuita National Park

Only 42 km away from one another, Cahuita and Puerto Viejo -close but yet so different- have become two spots of top attraction along this sector of the Costa Rican Caribbean. Their otherwordly beaches perfectly intermingle with music, food, vegetation, outdoor entertainment, coral reefs and nightlife.

Cahuita owes some of its character to the vast influx of a mixed population, aborigenals and other Costa Ricans during the 19th century, thus creating a culturally diversed people. In every other respect, it is a simple place consisting of 2 avenues, a few rough alleys and no architectonic fancy.    

This is your best chance to try the tasty local cuisine, relax at the blacksand beaches, get to know its people and nature. Cahuita National Park, on the other hand, will provide the adventure touch in your trip. The access to the park lies near the town´s main square, after crossing a rustic wooden bridge. Once there, it is just a matter of following the lively trails and go deeper into the amazing world of tropical life: from tiny reptiles and colorful butterflies to coral reefs, just to mention a bit of what awaits you there. Punta Cahuita and its daydream beach will be the grand finale of this adventure.

Puerto Viejo embodies a genuine Costa Rican Caribbean town, pervaded by everlasting music, food offers, very nice people, ¡pura vida! and charming beauty. Its beaches call for no other thing than fun, relaxation, diving and surfing and of course, a good drink!

Salsa Brava is the ideal place for surfing withthe biggest waves. At their best, they could reach 8 meters. If you are a sea lover, you will find yourself at home here. Reef exploration tours will surely give you an extra satisfaction.

The evening will be full of offers and choices to have the greatestof funs.

Cahuita and Puerto Viejo tours coming soon!

Cahuita and Puerto Viejo

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