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A volcano with a life of its own

The active Arenal volcano

If any of the nights the clouds abandon their perpetual dance around the Arenal volcano, it is time for one of the most stunning natural shows: deep red incandescent heavy lava flows slowly the mountain slope. The volcano´s activity has stayed unchanged since 1968. Its perfect conic shape ends in a crater from which the volcano spills life. The lava flows out everyday, together with rocks, gases and ashes, sometimes acompanied by a roar.

Barely 6 km from the volcano lies a small town named 'La Fortuna' (the fortune), where accommodation is available. This is the starting point for a tour to the natural thermal pools at Tabacón, whose hot waters exist due to the volcano itself. An evening visit will show a very different picture of this place though. But far more interesting at this hour is the visit to the volcano´s observatory.

Another huge attraction here is the 70-m high La Fortuna waterfall and its charming surroundings. Over 500 steps worthy of climbing and descending, keep the visitors away from the adventure in the crystal-clear waters.

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Waterfall near Arenal volcano
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