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The World's smallest Capital

Blue Hole National Park

Belmopan has just recently come into Belize's picture in the 20th century. It all came from the need to have a capital free of the frequent fires, floods and hurricanes that slash Belize City. Its streets still cannot tell much history, or see many people: it is the world's smallest capital. This peculiarity also contributed to the creation of its name; in fact it is the blending of two rivers names: the country's most important, the Belize, and the Mopan that empties in this area.             

Geographically speaking, Belmopan lays at the country's heart, 80 km from the former capital. Its location not only ensures its protection from natural disasters, but also the privilege of being surrounded by the beauty of the tropical jungle and the proximity to the Mayan Mountains. That's why it is known as the Garden City.                 

If you come here, visit its parks and recreational areas, the market founded in 2003, its shops and the National Assembly Building on Independence Hill.                        

There is no way to settle for little here. Belmopan's outskirts host the Guanacaste National Park Forest, the Spanish Lookout Mennonite community and the attractive Blue Hole National Park. The latter owns a natural hole filled with turquoise-blue waters and a creek that flows into a cave flooded by subterranean rivers, ideal for a whole day of adventure.

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