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On the fortunate lands of Central America you will find what you never imagined and you´ll be surprised at every step.

You will enjoy the "land from where all the beauties come," Nicaragua. And there come both the works of nature as those created by man. "Under the Nicaraguan sol of lit golds" was born Ruben Dario, author of this verse in quotes, prolific poet, and prince of the Spanish literature.


You could cross over to Costa Rica and walk around in San Jose, fill of joy with the energy of its people, wouldn´t be bad. Venturing into its authentic jungle and feeling the pulse of its volcanoes, not a bad idea. Perhaps you lose in the streets of Honduras, enjoying its spontaneous and anarchic charm. A country of large ethnic variety, a multilingual country.


If you prefer a place where all the attractions are pretty close, you can take advantage and go to El Salvador, because from San Salvador, its capital, you can achieve in less than one hour all the variety of tourist attractions that covers: the mountain chains and its volcanoes; the charming beaches; their peoples and crafts; gastronomy, myths and legends; its magnificent nature; the ancestral archaeological sites.


Also Belize has incredible landscapes, beautiful beaches; 20 kilometers of coral reefs are expanding off the coast of Belize, creating an underwater world of incredible attractive for scuba diving.


Although we think that everything is already discovered there are still elements by which Central America maintains its aura of mystery and becomes a destination nearly unexplored...


Or perhaps you are surprised to know Panama, with its awesome skyscraper who arrives at the edge of the same sea and that by night provide a great spectacle of bright lights. Big boats cross the land from north to south and from south to north, Caribbean to the Pacific and vice versa. But maybe you run into some beautiful "india" bearing her colorful traditional dress by any street in the city. And if we mention Guatemala it´s impossible not to talk about its past as one of its main attractions and also as part of its current life, archaeological ruins, forest and sea.

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