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Travel differently in Cuba (Val Murray)

Instead of catching taxis around the cities of Cuba why not slow it down a bit and get amongst it by travelling like the Cubans do. A bici-taxi is a man powered tri-cycle with a carriage on the back seating two. The Cuban authorities prefer tourist to take official taxis from A to B but if offered a lift it is perfectly ok to hop on. Things are a lot more relaxed about tourist taking bici-taxi?s outside of Havana and some bici-cyclists have permits for taking foreigners.    


For a couple of peso?s you can either get a lift down the road or why not take one for a couple of hours to visit the sites of the city. Grab your guide book, pick out the places of interest, negotiate a price, and off you go. Some vendors are used to such city tours and have a set route to follow while detailing historical facts. Vladimir in Camaguey is the manager of his own fleet of bici-taxi?s and a team of competent drivers. His chariots are purposely built for tourists with rooves and padded seats perfect for a 4-5 hour tour in all weather conditions.      


Camaguey is the ideal city for a bici-taxi tour as negotiating the streets on your own can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Camagueys street plan was laid out in such a way to confuse pirates as they tried to sack the town in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today the streets are still confusing invading tourists and it is not uncommon to see the clueless foreigner, map in hand, lost in the backstreets. Why not let Vladimir and his crew do the navigating while you sit back and soak in the atmosphere of such a beautiful colonial town.

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