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No matter in which town, there is always the choice of accommodation other than the big resorts. A good alternative is staying in the nice nature-surrounded lodgings where guests are welcomed and served by the owners themselves. After finding the ideal place and having a comfortable sleep to the background sound of the frogs, you will be ready to start the day and discover Port Antonio?s secrets.                  


During the 1950s, this town was no other than a magnet for Hollywood celebrities. Errol Flynn was the first to own property here, becoming at the same time the forerunner of some of the tours that still today remain in high demand: the tours along the Río Grande.                    


Nowadays, Port Antonio continues to be a favorite destination for American movie starts and millionaires. Hundreds of autographed photos hang on the restaurants? wall related to the celebrities that paraded through the place.                 


Something not to overlook is the wonderful Blue Lagoon, which maybe came to prominence after Brooke Shields? movie, but has no need of actual publicity, its beauty speaks for itself. 

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