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Jamaica is an island completely carpeted by mountains, whose slopes descend from the center to the coastline, ending in abrupt cliffs that in some areas leave room for idyllic Caribbean beaches. In such context, it is commonplace that in many stretches the rivers that traverse the country, suddenly become impressive waterfalls. Some of the most spectacular are those on the Dunn River, within the borders of Ocho Ríos region, north of the island.                     


This series of waterfalls snakes its way along the lush vegetation of the hills and flow for some 180 meters to empty themselves in the sea. Climbing the waterfalls is one of the greatest adventures ever. In downtown Ocho Ríos or Ochi, as the locals call it, it is possible to book a tour and have the services of an specialized guide.                   


There are several other attractions around this picturesque area: a great crafts market in downtown, the Gardens at Shaw Park and the Coyaba River not far from there. Surrounding beaches and hills can be explored on horseback.                


Oracabessa, a small locality that treasures James Bond?s beach, lies to the west and it is a place to make the most of the waves, fly in helicopters and taste the local food.

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