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Upon arrival in Montego Bay on the northwestern end of the island, Columbus baptized it as ?the Gulf of Good Weather?. During Spanish days, Montego was one of the key ports, while during English dominion it was surrounded by sugarcane plantations.            


Other than its history, what other attractions lie in this town? Montego is by far one of Jamaica?s chief destinations for it owns a wide array of attractions. Just to begin, you will be trapped by the turquoise waters of its beaches, the entertainment choice is amazing: live music, crafts-markets, horseback riding tours, dolphins watching and forest trekking.                 


Mystery and adventure can surely be found there as well. For the brave and strong-hearted, there is the renowned Rose Hall Great House; a hacienda built in the 18th century where it is said lives the ghost of Annie Palmer. The story goes that this woman was immersed in Voodoo practices and killed three of her husbands and several slaves. In 1831, Annie was found strangled; a tomb located within the mansion?s grounds reads: ?The White Witch of Rose Hall?.

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