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The people in Haiti are spontaneous, happy and curious who live to the tunes of music and dancing. Another outstanding feature is their religiosity, a fundamental aspect in their everyday lives. Voodoo is what really makes a difference in respect to other nationalities.                 


Catholicism and Protestantism were also spread in this Caribbean country, but they could never uproot the strong African influences in his inhabitants. Houses decorated with colorful neckerchiefs, as well as women?s heads wrapped in them are a common sight; this is the mark for Voodoo followers. This religion worships the God ?Bondye? and believes in the presence of other spirits and forces of nature. Its most known manifestation is the so-called ?black magic?, based on spells and zombies, but basically Voodoo flows in a different way.            


Although the Voodoo rituals are largely a family business, it is possible to assist one of these ceremonies while in the area. Percussion music will immerse you in a mystic atmosphere and from here on the whole experience may be really impressive. Bear in mind that several of the public ceremonies may not be genuine but they are simply a cultural performance for visitors.            


The Carnival is one of those highly popular celebrations considered a part of religious tourism in Haiti, held on February countrywide. A different band is chosen every year to write a song, whose tunes will make everyone dance while parading in their colorful attires and masks. The happy and festive ambiance pervades every corner of the country, being Jacmel?s Carnival one of the most prestigious.

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