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Port au Prince is a must in Haiti and at the same time the starting point to other equally beautiful destinations around the country.              


Jacmel is one of the most remarkable tours to take, a charming spot on the sea shore, barely 2 hours drives from the capital through the mountains. Its founding and history are closely linked to the coffee trade, which made its port into one of the most active in the Caribbean. In the course of time, its glamour would fade away, but the city?s 19th-century architecture still amazes the visitors.              


The once throbbing downtown area hosts today a community of artists from all over the globe. Among the locals, the writer René Dépestre and the painter Préféte Duffaut are worth mentioning.             


Jacmel?s natural charms are the ideal spots to rest and practice eco-tourism. It is easy to spend days surrounded by the peace of its volcanic sand beaches or explore the forests in ?Macaya? National Park or maybe enjoy the scenery, the waterfalls and natural pools at Bassins Bleus.               


Going back to Port au Prince, this time 50 km to the interior, away from the sea, lays the magic of Saut d?Eau, in Ville Bonheur that welcomes thousands of pilgrims every July. Book a room here and live this town?s experiences that go beyond the beautiful Le Saut waterfall and the imposing mountains.              


The most popular legend tells about the appearance of Virgin Mary before one of the locals in the middle 20th century. Since then, every July 16th Christian and Voodoo traditions mingle in that spot and visitors bathe under the sacred waterfall and partake in the big celebrations.           


Saut d?Eau?s surrounding landscapes stand out regardless of its religious character. Don?t miss the thermal waters at La Therme and places like Sapotille and la Riviere Canote.

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