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09 junio 2014

Buzios: A paradise close to Rio

Buzios: A paradise close to Rio

While Brazil is known as a cool travel destination, few have the understanding of just how various the contrasting remarkable locations are you can see there. Apart from maybe the exciting Carnival of Rio, the beaches and Samba dancing, not many know much more about Brazil.

As one of the greatest countries in the world, stretching over a massive surface, the country of Brazil is sure to have many areas that few foreigners know about. Those who imagine the adventure of experiencing the whole country, can discover remote and authentic experiences that can leave behind a profound impression.

Among the fantastic cities of Brazil is the beach resort of Buzios. This is among the most interesting seaside destinations in the country, and has almost 27 beaches to explore. Each beach will appear more gorgeous and tempting than the other, as Buzios reveals a number of wonders.

Presently a trendy and rising beach area of the entire world,  fifty years ago the area was just a small fishing community, but it had an immense fortune of attracting Brigitte Bardot to vacation there and she  is now considered a neighborhood celebrity. The idyllic beach fronts that stretch all along its coastline attract many visitors.

The town of Buzios is situated on a peninsula, with the coastlines scattered and circling this lovely stretch of land. Accessibility to the beach resort is quite simple, considering Rio is situated just under 200 kilometres from it and you have a cool website called Buzios Transfers. So you can do it easy as soon as you get to the airport. If you know exactly how busy the city of Rio can get during the peak times of year, Buzios can be an enjoyable option if you want to escape crowds.

Travelers who choose to backpack all around South America can find an enjoyable sanctuary within this beach resort, with several of the coastline areas prime for exploring. Buzios visitors will be amazed by the beauty of these areas, and also by the great things to experience. Many people discover around 20 places that offer a variety of unique landscapes.

Whilst there are many family ocean fronts with calm and clear waters, certainly there are also those that are better for water athletics, surfing and more. Generally, the beaches situated on the west side are considered calmer, while the ones facing the ocean can get wilder. Although some beaches can get fairly busy and crowded for a big part of the season, many other are exceptional destinations for folks looking for an escape, being more secluded and often quieter.

Buzios has all kinds of hotels and resorts, dining establishments and recreation facilities for tourists to discover good places to sleep and eat, with everything from affordable locations to extravagant and elegant options. The beaches are only the tip of the iceberg when finding to things to do in Buzios, and the town itself is great. Offering excellent locations to visit is Rua das Pedras, which is a cobblestone avenue with an exceptionally invigorating and vibrant atmosphere. This avenue leads to the Orlat Bardot avenue, a charming ocean boardwalk which travels through some remarkable locations.

Fill in your days with a range of water activities such as sailing and surfing and boating around the various parts of the peninsula is a must. The seaside and water activities of Buzios have been explored by many tourists already, but certainly there is still secrets that very few have uncovered such as some of the natural inland areas.  Backpackers will definitely locate an unblemished wonderland in the hinterlands of this place. There are numerous trails which head deep within the rich natural areas where you can uncover the stunning heritage sites sites as old battle forts.

Come and can find out some of the many marvels, but also experience and enjoy the untamed character of this vacation destination. There are plenty enchanting moments of amazement which will be on offer. One has to discover the one-of-a-kind beauty of Buzios by simply getting to know the place.



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