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When in Cuba | 26 noviembre 2009

Salsa Lessons in Cuba

Salsa Lessons in Cuba

Cuba vibrates to music echoing from seemly every house, street and bar. With Afro-beats fused with Latin rhythms one is often tranced into taping a toe or swaying somewhat in time. For many this is the closest to dancing they'll get to in Cuba, too afraid to breakout into a flurry of kicks and twirls like their Cuban counterparts.

Stepping out onto a dance floor amongst a battalion of Cubans moving effortlessly amongst one another as if choreographed can be quite daunting to the fresh visitor. Often travellers are left to gaze from the sidelines with Mojito in hand ashamed at their own inability to muster any movement from their hips, while Cubans ranging from toddler to geriatric practice their art dancing the night away. Well don't worry travellers, the key to unchaining those uncooperative feet lies in taking a lesson with someone in the know. A few hours with an expert guiding you through some steps to the chorus of un-dos-tres may be the tonic needed to confidently explore the Cuban nightlife without cringing every time someone even looks like they might ask you for a spin around the dance floor.      

Martin and Marbelio from Mantanzas are two such instructors used to finding coordination in those who previously thought they had two left feet. During the week in the city of Mantanzas there is not much in the way of nightlife, making it the perfect time to get tips from these two charismatic dancers before testing it out on the weekend at the local music venue. In the back room of Velascos bar off the Plaza Libertad the duo will first demonstrate a simple routine before running you through the steps.  An hour or two later you may not be able to match it with Cubans straight off, remember they have dancing coursing through their veins, but you will be armed with the basics so as not to fully embarrass yourself. In every town and city in Cuba you will find instructors willing to help you improve for a couple of bucks. If nothing else at least you won't forget how to count to three in Spanish too quickly.    



  • The Havana Club Rum Museum in Old Havana offers lessons from 9.00am on.     
  • In Vinales ask around at the Casa de Cultura.      
  • In Trinidad try the Las Ruinas del Teatro Brunet during the day.      
  • In Manzanas just ask around for Martin or Marbelio.      


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